The W on Elm

📍 324 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401

 The Pescatarian Review:  So how was The W on Elm?


Low lit, mad tables open (probably due to the weekday) and they have a good number of TVs angled at all the tables so this is a great spot if you want to break away from the normal sports bars during your favorite games.  And fellas, the atmosphere is perfect for the females so that’s a win-win for both sides!  They have both high-top and low-top tables in addition to an outside lounge area.   One night I went there with friends and they had a game night going.  That created a nice ice breaker among friends.

This particular night I had the perfect Salmon dinner: blackened Salmon with creamy Mac & Cheese and Collard Greens for my sides.  Fire!  It was perfectly seasoned.  No pork in the greens.  My partner in crime ordered the chicken and waffles and he says it is a great alternative to Dame‘s chicken and waffles.  He smacked it so trust me it is a good dish if you eat chicken.  I’m thinking, could this be my new chill spot for during the weekday?

Top Plate: Chicken and Waffles, scrambled eggs with shredded cheese
Blackened Salmon with Mac & Cheese and Collard Greens



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