Food Critic: Tastebuds Be Like…

My taste buds finally found a home!  I’m so excited to have a place where I can creatively share my love of food.  Sharing my dining experiences is something that I have a passion for and I love utilizing my storytelling skills to go into detail about my food.   I come from a family of women who can COOK and I have always anticipated when it was time to sit at the table and indulge in their meal of the day.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is to explore restaurants and vibe with friends and family over good food.  Dining is the new “club” for me and when I travel to different places the first thing I want to know is “Where are the good food spots?”  I truly travel for the food!

“Tastebuds Be Like” is a food blog deliciously curated for the soul with fun reviews, info on where to find a good dish and good conversations over a good plate of food.   You will also find detailed stories about my dining experiences and what my “Tastebuds be like” on culture.  I always have a good story to tell so let’s chat and stay tuned for more adventures with my favorite Taste Buds!

My food blog can be found at

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Creative. Diligent. Universal. I am a spiritual being obsessed with the cosmos and delivering messages to inspire people to follow their bliss.

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