Two Things You Need to Do Tonight: Snip Snip

Clean. House. If there is an alliance or partnership that’s not working out, this is the perfect time to cut the cord. Listen, Spring is right around the corner and things are about to start blossoming and booming for a lot of us and the last thing we need is dead weight!  I’m not just talking about people (although it is very conducive to your sanity) I’m also talking about your aura as a whole.  

The Life We Live

Marketing.  Branding.  Promotions.  These are a few things that take up the glorious 24 hours in our day.  It’s truly a lifestyle!  From the time we wake up, until we close our eyes to rest we are hustling to create ultimate experiences for people to talk about with their friends, families and associates.  This year we are excited to be a part of an experience that the city prepares for every year!

Belizean It

Travel vid coming soon! Belizé was a great time. I Couldn’t wait to get back home to start putting stuff in in this bag I got from a souvenir shop. Tags don’t last on things for too long around me. I miss Belize already!!! Glad to be back home safely. Now it’s Back to the grind… #events  

A Taste of New Orleans or Nah?

I was sooooo happy to get over to New Orleans Bar and Grill in Greensboro to get some banging seafood and drinks with my mom for her birthday.  You will learn pretty quickly from reading this blog that I have a serious love affair with NOLA!  I long for its sounds, the energy of the people and most importantly the food!!!