Reading is Still Fundamental

“Not taking a pause can have us all messed up.

This past weekend was a lesson learned.  I did not want to believe it.  But it happened and I’ve come to realize that we are truly in a new era.  Somebody recently told me that people don’t read and as a writer that comment pierced through my soul.  I seriously debated that statement but what happened this past Saturday proved his point.

5:30pm:  “Akimi, we have a problem,” said one of my staff members.  “I think everybody went to the wrong spot.”  What???  “How the hell did that happen?”  Was my golden question for about 45 minutes.  “People are used to going to the other venue so when they saw our event pop up they automatically assumed that we were there,”  said one of my staff members.  This past weekend we decided to move to another venue after about a year of doing events in a particular location.  The details of the event were written on the flyers, on event brite, sent through messaging and so on.   However on the day of the event, the majority of the attendees still went to the wrong venue.

I scratched my head a few times throughout the night and there was only one solid answer as to what happened:  People simply did not read the details.  They saw the logo fly across the screen during their daily scroll, locked in the date and skipped right over the description.  At times, a description was not even posted.  Just the photo and that was it.  HUGE mistake.  I know it may sound like no big deal, but one wrong number/street name can make all the difference in the world for your turnout.

2018.  Coming from the world of grassroots promotion paying attention to detail was a MUST because the same mistake would have costed hundreds of dollars and numerous hours to correct.  It still can.  I’ve seen some social media gurus say that your captions should not be long, but in certain situations I would have to say that it is the complete opposite. The plus side to this situation is that when a mistake like that is made, a simple edit to the address or an updated post will fix everything.

The positive.  The attendees that got the correct address had an amazing time!  Everything was beautifully decorated, the music was tight and we’re getting prepared for the next one.

Moral of the story:  Pay attention to the details.  I know that social media has us trained to look at the photo, tap the heart, and keep scrolling but we have to train ourselves to pause and read the captions.  Think about it:  This could have been a casting call, a job interview, or the opportunity of a lifetime and you ended up on the wrong side of town all because you did not read the directions.  If you are creating content, don’t assume that people understand the important stuff.  Put it in their face!

SN:  This made me happy as a writer.  There is still a need for people to read 🙂

Are you one of the bonafide scrollers or do you like to read captions on social media?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

5 Business Lessons I Learned from LeBron




A great partnership or business is one where there is an even exchange.

A few weeks ago I was posted up downtown at the W on Elm to watch the NBA playoffs and we were having a discussion about burnout and feeling like the weight of the world is on our shoulders.  Business was moving but it seemed like we were going through a weird cycle.  The weather was changing, well laid plans were taking a crazy detour and we were wondering why things just seemed like such the struggle all of a sudden.  The game started right when our food arrived and I witnessed a moment of the Cavs taking a bunch of L’s.  Was LeBron playing by himself?  Fast forward to today, as I listened to Steven A. and Max have a discussion about the possibility of Lebron going to another team, a bright light bulb popped up in my head.

There’s many lessons from watching Lebron on the court, but here are my top 5 that I learned for business:


  1. If your team is not pulling their weight, it’s ok to move on.  Good business is mutually beneficial.  Sometimes loyalty and personal connections can keep us in a position where we hit a ceiling and we’re not growing any further.  If the people on your team is not riding for you as hard as you ride for them or if they hit a plateau, then that is your cue to move on.  Especially if you still have more growing to do.
  2. Holding the title of Leader does not mean do all the work.  Being in charge is about being able to properly manage and delegate tasks and placing people in areas where they perform best.  If you don’t have a good balance on the team then you will find yourself doing all of the work.  Be in a situation where there a multiple great talents on the squad.
  3. Speak up for yourself.  This is a hard one, but guess what?  This is your career.  We got to put ourselves in the best light possible.  At times we may deal with people or situations out of love, but what do the elders always say?  Love don’t pay the bills!  It’s got to be an even balance right?  If you bring eighty percent to the table and your partners are bringing twenty, it’s okay to speak up for yourself and say “I deserve to be in a position where someone at least brings forty percent.”  Which also brings another point.  Don’t collaborate with people to the point where people are greatly benefiting from you, but you gain nothing from them.  If you are great at what you do, then try to find someone who can match your greatness!  And don’t be afraid do ask for what you deserve from clients.   A great partnership or business is one where there is an even exchange (Ex.  Getting paid for your services.  Or the money made is divided according to the amount of work each party is putting in).
  4. Loyalty can lead to burnout.  We’ve all experienced it somewhere.  That one person or more on the squad who is cool but keeps dropping the ball.  Or there may be a situation where someone is super relaxed while the rest of the team is sweating bullets and pulling all-nighters to get the job done.  If someone is dead weight, evaluate the situation.  Personal connection or not ask yourself “Are they not capable enough to handle the job or do they simply not care?  Do they have the drive but not the experience to help execute it out?”
  5. Sometimes people just simply don’t want to walk in your shadow.  Let’s face it, if you are great at what you do, you may overshadow someone else.  And if their goal to be seen then a partnership with you is not going to work, no matter how many times you pass them the ball.  Everything is cool while you are all on the same page, but let you get a ring and the accolades to go with it and the dynamic may change.  What we determined in our conversation is that it is important to have a support system.   Surround yourself with people who understand and will be happy for your progress and vice versa.  It can get lonely but having people or someone you can call to vent to and here kind words can make all the difference in the world.

What are your takeaways from watching Lebron this season?

 The Pescatarian Review:  So how was The W on Elm?


Fellas, it was perfect for watching the game because from a female’s perspective it set the perfect atmosphere:  Low lit, mad tables open (probably due to the weekday) and they had a good number of TVs angled at all the tables so no matter where you sat you could see the game.  Win-win for both sides!  They have both high-top and low-top tables in addition to an outside lounge area.  The drinks were good.  That night was the second night that I’ve been there to chill and both times they were out of moscato but the other specials were fully stocked.

I had the perfect Salmon dinner: blackened Salmon with creamy Mac & Cheese and Collard Greens for my sides.  Fire!  Perfectly seasoned.  No pork in the greens.  My partner in crime ordered the chicken and waffles. He says it is a great alternative to Dame‘s chicken and waffles.  He smacked it so trust me it is a good dish if you eat chicken.  I’m thinking, could this be my new chill spot for during the weekday?

Top Plate: Chicken and Waffles, scrambled eggs with shredded cheese
Blackened Salmon with Mac & Cheese and Collard Greens



The Real Reason Why I Disappear

~ Because you can show people better than you can tell them.

Sometimes you just don’t know…Sometimes you have no idea.  Even the most creative and innovative person has a brain fart.  Maybe a even a brain dump.  Sometimes you don’t have the answer.  And sometimes the other side is not hearing a word that’s coming out of your mouth.  Maybe there was a communication blocker (aka Mercury Retrograde) that is swatting your messages the way Tyrone is out here smacking cigarettes out of people’s hands.  (***PLEASE view this VIDEO if you need a laugh. #Tobacco-free Lifestyle)  And in the mist of you feeling stuck, multiple people are looking at you like “Hey creative person, now what?  What’s next?”  And they look at you in disbelief when you reply back “I don’t know.” Continue reading The Real Reason Why I Disappear

Two Things You Need to Do Tonight: Snip Snip


Clean. House.

If there is an alliance or partnership that’s not working out, this is the perfect time to cut the cord.

Listen, Spring is right around the corner and things are about to start blossoming and booming for a lot of us and the last thing we need is dead weight!  I’m not just talking about people (although it is very conducive to your sanity) I’m also talking about your aura as a whole.   Continue reading Two Things You Need to Do Tonight: Snip Snip

The Life We Live

Marketing.  Branding.  Promotions.  These are a few things that take up the glorious 24 hours in our day.  It’s truly a lifestyle!  From the time we wake up, until we close our eyes to rest we are hustling to create ultimate experiences for people to talk about with their friends, families and associates.  This year we are excited to be a part of an experience that the city prepares for every year!

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A Taste of New Orleans or Nah?

I was sooooo happy to get over to New Orleans Bar and Grill in Greensboro to get some banging seafood and drinks with my mom for her birthday.  You will learn pretty quickly from reading this blog that I have a serious love affair with NOLA!  I long for its sounds, the energy of the people and most importantly the food!!!

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