Two Things You Need to Do Tonight: Snip Snip


Clean. House.

If there is an alliance or partnership that’s not working out, this is the perfect time to cut the cord.

Listen, Spring is right around the corner and things are about to start blossoming and booming for a lot of us and the last thing we need is dead weight!  I’m not just talking about people (although it is very conducive to your sanity) I’m also talking about your aura as a whole.  Life is too short to be tripping over boxes in the office, losing important documents in the file basket ON TOP OF THE FILE CABINET, or the over all chaos that friends, family and all of the above may bring.  Take a deep breath, look at all of your mess and verbally confirm “I don’t have time for this shit.  You got to go.”


This is a very valuable moment in my life right now.  I found myself getting uber frustrated yesterday by all of the junk that was piling up in my life:  Paperwork, other people’s problems, dead weight which meant more work for me, emails piling up and my phone freezing up from all of the text messages that come in by the minute.   My brain literally could not accept anymore request for entry.  My mother said I sounded like I wanted to punch a whole through the wall.  And that’s how I felt!  For someone like me that spends most of her days inspiring, encouraging and being creative for others that could get overwhelming.  I realized there’s a difference between collaborating and dependency.  Sometimes people will dump everything on you if you’re not careful because they feel like “You can handle it.”  And although you might be a superhero on the low, there’s still some moments where you have to learn the glorious art of saying “No”.

I woke up early this morning to start my clean up session!  There’s one thing that I preach to others and that’s the importance of speaking your truths.  Well I had to take my own advice and do some spring cleaning myself.  Saying no if it’s going to put you behind.  Saying no to random meetings if I had something important to do.  Taking a deep breath and saying no to my pack-rat tendencies and getting rid of that trinket that’s been around since I was in middle school.  I made it a mission today to start cleaning up my space.

A lot of things have piled up over the winter months and I’ll be the first to say that it has slowed down my progression towards my goals and aspirations.  Since my calendar is free from events this weekend, Here’s my clean-up checklist:

  • Clean out my emails:  Delete all of the junk mail and organize messages into folders.
  • Go through my phone to free up space from useless selfies, random pics and organize my albums.
  • Check unread text messages.  Sorry fam, I promise I wasn’t ignoring you.
  • Turn my home into a minimalist living headquarters.  I have my work splattered all through my house!
  • Enhance my pescatarian lifestyle by adding more green in my meals
  • Decluttering my mind with an extra dose of meditation
  • And last but certainly not least, get rid of any negative vibes from my tribe!

I encourage you to do some spring “Get your life” cleaning as well!  What areas of your life do you need to clean?


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