The Life We Live

Marketing.  Branding.  Promotions.  These are a few things that take up the glorious 24 hours in our day.  It’s truly a lifestyle!  From the time we wake up, until we close our eyes to rest we are hustling to create ultimate experiences for people to talk about with their friends, families and associates.  This year we are excited to be a part of an experience that the city prepares for every year!

For years, natives make efforts to take time off from work, to save their money, and to check the ticket master website several times as October approaches to see who will grace the stage and perform under the shining lights for one of the biggest concerts of the year.   Not to mention the food and the hospitality displayed during tailgating, the merchandise/vendors at Fun Fest, the youth and businesses that participate in the parade at the break of dawn and the comedy show… Everyone from the college student to the honorary cousin prepares for these moments in the fall.  The biggest week in entertainment for the Greensboro/Triad area has officially arrived and we are a part of the action every step of the way!

From the time we wake up, until we close our eyes to rest we are hustling to create ultimate experiences.

NC A&T creates a full blown experience for the students and the community for the week of GHOE (Greatest Homecoming on EARTH) This weekend we will be creating an experience for three different lifestyles:

The College Life.

We already do this each and every Thursday at the Blind Tiger.  This Thursday October 5th is the homecoming edition and we are showing mad love to the people who took the step to better their life and their career.  The college life is not easy:   Homework, research papers, group assignments and working a job in between.  We know how it is!  So this Thursday night is a special celebration for making it halfway through the semester and for taking the step to broaden your horizons.

College Thursday's October

The Adult Lifestyle.

It’s Friday!  The weekend is here and we already know adults will be looking for a fun GHOE experience that night.  Dope DJ’s, fun and flirty hosts, crazy specials for the ladies are some of the things offered for High Society Friday at The Blind Tiger.  And did we mention it’s FREE for those who are 21 & up??  Yes, please arrive early because Friday night is for you!



The Teenage Lifestyle:  It’s all about living tobacco-free

Over the past year we went HARD, encouraging the multi-cultural youth in the area to quit or prevent the use of tobacco and we’ve seen a difference!    And we get it, the only thing to do for teens on GHOE weekend is the parade, the game, fun fest and maybe tailgating.  Not this year.  Teens will have their own event to go to and will be able to turn up like the adults at the day takeover!  The Taylor Girlz will be performing and again…it’s FREE.  #UltimateExperience

FE Taylor Girls

We will be documenting the experience every step of the way so stay posted and happy GHOE!


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