Sunday Funday Wine Tasting

So I got this wine last Sunday and let me tell you, it was so good!  Every Sunday my beau and I pick an activity to do and then we rock out for the rest of the day. We both work in the same industry so when we get a chance to hide from the world we take full advantage! Sunday’s activity: Wine Tasting.

Since we like to tuck away on Sunday’s we decided to take a trip to Total Wine to search for something new to sip on, and then it’s Netflix and chill for the rest of the day.  We saw a few wines that looked pretty interesting but this bottle seriously caught our eye. I am a huge fan of moscato, plus my favorite color is blue so guest what? Perfect match.

We picked up this wine called “Blue Moscatel” and was surprised at the taste!  With its captivating label and serene vibe, this definitely ranks a ten!   It has a very smooth taste and it reminds you of a resiling without the bubbly.  When you first take a sip, you can taste the initial peach flavor and then it’s followed by a pineapple aftertaste.  I also like how it doesn’t leave a dry taste in your mouth after you finish sipping your glass.  Although it’s 12% alcohol it gives you a really nice buzz.  It’s a slow buzz, very calming (may have a different effect on some people) one that you can feel slowly creep up on you.   You know how some wines give you an initial buzz after the fourth or fifth sip?  Not this one.  The buzz will meet you at your last sip.  By the end of the glass there’s an enjoyable relaxation is upon you.   All you need is one glass…when we tried to follow it with a second glass it was Netflix and zzzz…

I think I found my new signature wine!  It has officially been added to the creative collection on my balcony.  My pen, notebooks, macbook and now Blue Moscatel is the new winning formula for Sunday Funday!  Cheers and let me know if you get a chance to try it one day.

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