A Taste of New Orleans or Nah?

I was sooooo happy to get over to New Orleans Bar and Grill in Greensboro to get some banging seafood and drinks with my mom for her birthday.  You will learn pretty quickly from reading this blog that I have a serious love affair with NOLA!  I long for its sounds, the energy of the people and most importantly the food!!!

Every time I go down there I eat some great dishes and I experience the best customer service.  EVER.  The way the waiters and waitresses on Bourbon Street make you feel is phenomenal.  I always feel at home when I’m there.  Matter of fact, I’m currently compiling a new list of restaurants to visit when I go back which I will share at a latter date.  But until I make my way down to the bayou, I sought out another option right here in town: New Orleans bar and grill.

The anticipation was high because I recently heard someone rant and rave about how good the seafood was.  I even found a nice deal on Groupon for a major discount so I figured the universe telling me to head over there and get some good southern food for the low-low.  But but what I discovered when I got there was the universe giving me a discount on my experience.

I should have known by the looks of the menu that it was not going to be what I was expecting.  It reminded me of an expensive version of a cross between red lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack.  “Where are the delicacies? Where are the authentic entrees? The red fish and the herb crusted oysters for an appetizer?”  Everything on the menu was like any other restaurant except it had extra spicy seasoning to mimic the New Orleans kick.  I knew right then and there that I was not about to get a true taste of NOLA.
IMG_4496Now don’t get me wrong, they had some good choices.  We got the creamy homemade crab dip with garlic pita chips for an appetizer (To the left) and for the entrees we ordered the catfish and the salmon dinner (see photos below).  Great taste and the presentation was awesome but out of all of the choices on the menu we ended up with two meals that you would get at any other restaurant so you already know what we were working with.  And the service was ok.  Coming from a girl who has been down to New Orleans a few times this was not the same NOLA experience.  This is not the same spices on my taste buds nor the same southern twang that I heard when asked if I wanted to taste their exclusive bread pudding.   Whoever though this was grand has never been to the French Quarter.  I was quickly reminded through this experience that I was clearly in greensboro, NC.

I don’t knock the effort, nor is this a bashing session about the restaurant but my feelings were hurt! I had high expectations that I was going to get my New Orleans fix that I have been such a fein for.  I do wish that if people opened restaurants from different areas that they bring the full experience.   Another New Orleans style restaurant is coming soon to the ‘born and I hope it can measure up.  You know I will be one of the first in there to see what it’s about!   In the meantime, I am planning another trip to get back down to NOLA asap!  I’m always down for a little taste of the French quarter experience.

Akimi Starr 2018


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