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Branding and Marketing Specialist | Food Enthusiast

Akimi is a writer, events manager and all around creator.  With an accumulative of 15 years experience in both media and entertainment, Akimi has always had an interest in how things work behind the scenes.  Her natural gift for storytelling and putting together creative projects has lead her to a career in production.  Akimi currently does brand strategy and marketing for brands and businesses, as well as run her own brands.  She also has a background in multi-media journalism with experience ranging from Public relations, to television and radio.   When she’s not creating, she’s somewhere traveling, reviewing and indulging in her favorite passion as a food enthusiast.

Where it all started 

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Akimi is a former broadcast media professional with ample experience in marketing and branding.  She started her career in public relations right after high school and quickly transition into working behind the scenes in television as a production assistant and news writer at a local news station.  Akimi traveled to Ghana, Africa in 2008 as part of a service learning experience involving literacy and education during her sophomore year in college, which sparked her interest in youth development.  After going on tour as a promotions and social media assistant she landed a gig as an on-air personality in 2010 with duties ranging from audio recording and production to promotions.  In mid-May of 2016, she took a leap of faith to indulge in her talents and expertise. With her strong corporate background in media and journalism, she wanted to fully utilize her skills in marketing, branding and entertainment.  Akimi personally knows what it is like for ambitious, goal-oriented women in the industry and she uses her platform to inspire others to be themselves and to get real about their dreams.

Akimi graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communications, concentrating in Electronic Media.  Welcome to akimistarr.com!

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